Terms & Conditions


Rules and Regulations:

  1. You must carry a valid and authorised ID card while entering the Lab.
  2. Eating, Smoking and Drinking in the Lab is strictly prohibited. In case anyone if found doing any of these activities in the lab, he/she shall be immidiately debarred from the lab and the membership shall be terminated with no refund.
  3. Destruction of the equipments or the property of Viprush Technologies Pvt Ltd shall be a punishable offence (Negligence of or any acts/omissions by the member(s)  resulted into any kind of destruction or damage or loss caused to any equipments or properties of Viprush Technologies Pvt. Ltd./ TECHLABS  shall be recovered by levying necessary fine according to the amount of destruction or damage or loss caused).
  4. It is advisable not to wear loose clothes in the lab to avoid accidents. (Eg. Saree, Tie, Dupatta, Scarf, etc.)
  5. It is advisable to wear a safe footwear (preferably shoes) in the lab.
  6. Member(s) shall note that they must work carefully, cautiously and responsibly.
  7. All the commonly used electronic components are available in the lab at resonable prices, which you can buy if required (subject to availablity).
  8. The WiFi facility shall not be used for entertainment or other bulk downloading purposes by the member(s). It shall be used only for the laboratory work related purposes only.
  9. In case you need to download a heavy file for your project, member(s) shall inform the concerned authority or officer in advance.
  10. Playing music is allowed in the lab in low volume only and with mutual consent of other member(s) working in the lab.
  11. Wastage of water or electricity by whatever means and by whatever acts or omissions of the member(s) shall be recovered from the member(s) by levying necessary fine.
  12. Any kind of Misuse of the property or equipments of the aforesaid company/ TECHLABS  or any kind of misbehaviour, malpractices, or such other acts or omissions of member(s) which are against the policy or against the law of the land or the terms & conditions of the aforesaid company/ TECHLABS shall be liable to debarr such member(s) without any refund apart from cancelling his/her membership.



  1. In case of power failure, charges will not be applicable for the time period for which such power failure occurred. 
  2. Viprush Technologies Pvt. Ltd./ TECHLABS or any of it’s authorised agents or officers shall not be responsible in any way in case of any damage or loss caused to life or person or property of a member(s) working in the aforesaid company or TECHLABS. 
  3. This lab is not meant for having fun or spending leisure time with friends. If caught, he/she shall be debarred from the company/ TECHLABS without any refund.
  4. All rights related to TECHLABS are reserved with Viprush Technologies Pvt Ltd.
  5.  The company/ TECHLABS reserves it’s right to amend/ change any of it’s terms and conditions at any point of time without giving prior notice of it to the member(s).
  6. It shall be presumed that every member is well versed with the terms and conditions of the aforesaid company or TECHLABS given herein and has given his/ her consent to abide by it.
  7. The term “member(s)” shall also include the employees,  authorised agents and officers of the aforesaid company/ TECHLABS and they shall also be subjected to these terms and conditions.
  8. All matters or issues shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Nagpur district only.