Career at Viprush Technologies

Working in a Startup gives you a huge exposure and opportunities. Working in the dynamic environment, you will get to learn many new things and gain a lot of experience.

Recruitment Policy

Please read carefully our Recruitment Policy before applying

We, at Viprush Technologies have a work culture that offers freedom and growth.

We are always looking for passionate individuals who want to work in a Startup. Willingness to adapt and eagerness to learn new things are some of the key skills we look in the applicants. Priority is always given to skills over academic performances. Experience counts, but passion matters more. At Viprush Technologies, we work on a number of technologies like software development, hardware designing, system integration, electrical CAD and mechanical CAD designing,wireless technology, and much more. So applicants having more than one skill are preferred.

We try our best to impose minimum restrictions on our employees and interns. We believe that maximum quality output is delivered when maximum freedom is available. Like we do not bind you in term contracts, you can make your time flexible, you can take a leave if you require, etc. We honor your freedom but obviously not at the cost of work. Learning and upgrading yourself is always encouraged at Viprush Technologies. We also help you to learn new technologies regardless it is required by your project or not.

Nobody is perfect at everything. But the one who is a problem solver rises above all. We do not expect you to be very perfect at all the things even in technical field. What we expect is that if you get stuck up somewhere, how much efforts you put in finding the solution of your problem. Today is the era of Internet and Open Source Technologies and we at Viprush Technologies promote Open Source Technologies. Not all things are available on the internet but somethings are definitely your saviors.

Should I apply ?

Please DO NOT apply for any Internship Program just for the sake of getting a Certificate. Apply only if you are really passionate enough and want to work in a Startup. It is different working in a big Corporate Company and a Startup. If you are a problem solver and willing to learn multiple technologies, software and skills, then this is a perfect place for you. We work on projects where generally multiple technologies are involved so a knowledge of other than your core field is required while working. If you are not ready to move out of your comfort zone, then this might not be a good place for you.


Working hours are generally flexible as per the requirement of the project. We however allow you to have a certain freedom in your timings respecting your personal life. However, we expect that this freedom should not come in the way of work.

As per company policies, we offer Stipend only on Performance basis. Stipend is paid depending on the project and your dedication and efforts in it. However, the final decision is reserved with the Company Management only.

Most of the work is hardware related so you need to physically come to the office and Lab for work. However, as we respect your freedom and privacy, under special conditions, we may allow you to work from home as well.

We do not bind you with any term contract. We respect your freedom and believe that growth should never stop. If you think you find better growth opportunity somewhere else, we do not compel you to stay.

If you have made any expenses from your pocket for Company (with prior intimation) or have suffered loss due to the company, we assure you to compensate for the same.

Skills Required

Candidates applying for Job / Internship should possess at least one of the following domain skills

Technical Skills

Candidates applying for Technical Positions should possess at least one of the following Skills
  • PCB Designing
  • Python Programming
    Preference Skill
  • CAD Designing
  • Wireless Communication
  • Electronics Hardware Development
  • Embedded System Programming
    Preference Skill

Non-Technical Skills

Candidates applying for Non-Technical Positions should possess at least one of the following Skills
  • Digital Marketing
    Preference Skill
  • Creative Content Creation
    Preference Skill
  • Content Writing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Animation

Recruitment Process

1. Application Stage

Fill up the Application Form and provide all the details to the best of your knowledge. Our HR Team will contact you soon if your Application is Selected.

2. Skills Test

A Short Screening test will be conducted to test the skills required for the respective position. It may be Online or Offline.

3. Interview Stage

Shortlisted Applicants will be called for the Personal Interview Process.

4. Document Verification

Your documents will be verified before you are sent the offer letter. Please make sure all the documents are valid and as required.

5. Offer Stage

You will be sent an offer letter if you have cleared all the previous stages successfully. You will need to accept the offer letter for officially getting onboard.

Apply for Job

Apply for Internship

Fill up the form below very carefully.

Internship Application Form

Please read the above Recruitment Policy and FAQs carefully before applying. Fill all the details carefully and correctly. Upload your resume in .doc or .docx or .pdf format only. Upload your Photograph in .jpg or .jpeg or .png format only.