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We Develop Applications

Computer Vision Applications

Applications like Face Recognition, Object detection, Optical Character Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Video Processing, etc are being user everywhere today. For Automatic Attendance System or Counting the number of vehicles on the road, the advanced Deep Learning algorithms work with exceptional accuracy. Our highly customized and trained AI and Computer vision systems are perfect for your applications may it be Text Recognition or Human Detection, we got your needs covered.

Data Analysis & Prediction Models

Are you doing a Research project or is it your PhD research ? Data analysis and Statistics play a very vital role in any research. For good results, an accurate statistical method and well-trained prediction model are must. We have worked on a wide range of research projects which needed statistical analysis and prediction models. Not just statistics in an excel sheet, but informative data representation makes the research more impressive and convincing. We work on the latest methods and technologies to bring the best for you.

Desktop Applications

You may require a number of customized Desktop Applications for your firm or shop or business management or anything else. We make fully customized solutions of Desktop Applications as per your requirements and specifications. We develop applications for Windows OS, a wide range of Linux Distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, Cent OS, etc and also for Mac OS. We also provide licensing system for your customized Desktop Application. The Back-end can be integrated with Databases, Web Services, Remote Connections, AI Processes, and much more.

Automation & IoT Applications

Internet of Things is a Buzz word today. We offer Industrial grade IoT and Automation Solutions and System Integration Services for you. Our uniqueness is that you do not have to change your entire system to implement out solutions. We make the System in such a way that it should be compatible with your existing system and setup. Upgrading your existing machinery is a must to stay on the top in today’s technological world. We design completely customized Systems as per your existing installations and new requirements in the most economical way.

Hardware & Embedded System Applications

Our Expertise is in the field of Embedded Systems and Hardware products. Electronics is everywhere today. May it be Aerospace, Medical, Manufacturing, Security, IT, Agriculture or any other field. All the industries require Electronic Hardware in some or the other way. Working with Microprocessors and Microcontrollers might not be very comfortable for everyone to work. So let us handle the technical stuff so that you can focus on your application. We provide complete end to end solutions for Electronic Product Development.

CAD Modelling & Designing Services

CAD Modelling and 3D designing is a great tool to get your product part or casing manufactured. Accuracy in manufacturing finds its origin in the accuracy of the CAD Design. We also provide services for designing the Housing or enclosures for your hardware product. With our accurate parametric design tools, you can be sure about the perfection in the design. CAD modelling also gives you an idea of how the actual product or part will look and appear before it is actually fabricated or molded. This can save a lot of time and resources.

Mobile & Web Applications

Using application or viewing the performance or controlling a machine is quite convenient if it is a Smartphone based application. We can develop customized Android as well as iOS Apps for your use case. We also develop web based applications like monitoring dashboard, remote Database Management or Cloud Storage or any application as per your need. We have exceptionally fast and secure web servers with backup and traffic management features.

PCB Designing & Manufacturing Services

For a finished and professional electronic product, you need a good quality and engineered Printed Circuit Board. Designing a PCB for your particular use case is important rather than using a general purpose Circuit Board as this impacts your device performance significantly. Also, life of the Device increases if a good quality PCB is used. We design the PCB keeping in mind the size, manufacturing price, component availability in the market and other factors. We work on THT as well as SMD components. We design Single Layer to upto 16 Layer PCB.

3D Printing Services

Rapid Prototyping is a boon for product development. You don’t need to invest into the expensive Molding and casting process for a small number of items to be manufactured. We offer most economic 3D printing Services. We use high quality PLA+ material for manufacturing purpose. A verity of colors are also available for the same. we can make your 3D object hollow or completely filled as per your requirement and application. We also provide 3D object designing services to you in case you don’t have the model or don’t know how to create one.

Long Range Wireless Communication Applications

Internet of Things is gaining grip and popularity in the Industry now. For its growth, a strong communication infrastructure and network is very vital. We work on the LoRa Technology. LoRaWAN is Long Range Wide Area Network working on Radio Frequency in a low Frequency band to achieve long ranges. We also work on Machine to Machine Communication (M2M). We design the Wireless communication units as per your specific use cases and applications.