Python Certification Program – Full

Viprush Technologies Pvt Ltd is pleased to announce The Online Python Certification Program.

This Python Certification Program is designed for Beginners as well as Intermediate Learners.
Aspirants from Technical as well as Non-Technical backgrounds can apply.
Python has its applications in almost every field. From Data Science to Finance and Commerce, From Automation to Biomedical field, python has a wide range of Applications.

The complete program is divided in 3 Levels –

Level 1 – Python Essentials

This Level is designed specifically for Beginners, for students of Non-Technical background, as well as any one who wants to Learn Python and basic Programming Concepts and Logic from scratch.

  • Introduction & Initial Environment Setup
  • Python Basic Concepts
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • Modules & Packages
  • Error Handling
  • Networking Concepts
  • Graphical User Interface

Level 2 – Desktop Application & File Manipulation

After Completing Level 2 Certification, you will be able to create Desktop Applications as per your needs. It also will include important concepts like working with PDF, images, Excel files, Web Scrapping, etc. Level 2 Program has a special content of Game Development in Python.

  • Development of GUI Desktop Applications
  • Database Operations
  • Developing Games in Python
  • Creating and Manipulating Excel Files, PDF, Images, etc.
  • Web Scrapping
  • Creating Desktop Software for Windows PC

Level 3 – Hardware Interfacing & Real World Projects with AI & ML

For Learners who want to get themselves further empowered with Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Real World Projects, this Level 3 Certification is for you. This Level will cover all the concepts of AI, ML and Data Science. Along with this, Hardware Interfacing with Python is another special content of this Program. This level will introduce you with Automation and IoT using Python.

  • Introduction to AI, ML, DL and Data Science
  • Data Representation
  • Real World Projects and Applications using Python
  • Automation
  • Image Processing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Hardware Interfacing for Python
  • IoT using Python

Learn Python, Get Empowered with the Latest Technology, and Sky is the Limit for You.

Course Fee Structure –

Level 1 – ₹499/-
Level 2 – ₹499/-
Level 3 – ₹499/-
Any 2 Levels – ₹799/-
Level 1+2+3 Combo – ₹999/-

UPI Payment ID – br132867a@fbl

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