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Read the Instructions Carefully before starting the test:

You must have a gmail account for attempting the test. Please create one before starting the test in case you dont have.

  1. Total time allowed is 60 min.
  2. The questions are divided in 4 sections (25 Questions each – Total 100 Questions).
  3. However you can migrate through the sections during the test.
  4. Each correct answer will score you 3 points.
  5. Each incorrect answer will deduct 1 point from your total score.
  6. No points will be awarded or deducted in case the question is unattempted.
  7. You must solve at least 50 questions to be eligible for next round.
  8. If you clear the exam, you will recieve a mail in the evening.
  9. Do not use unfair means during the test, which may lead to cancellation of candidature.
  10. Mobile phones and calculators are NOT ALLOWED during the test.
  11. Rough work can be done on blank pages.
  12. Follow the instructions on the screen and those given by the experts from company.
  13. Contact the authorities conducting the test in case you face any problem during the test.


All the Best.!


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